Is the Python squeezing you? – Part I

23 12 2007


THIS IS ONLY FOR THOSE OF US WHO DESIRE GOD!! I have received three or four messages asking me where my notes where, because they said it really helped them out. So with that said, I have come to the conclusion, who am I to stop writing what helps people even when I thought I was wasting my time.

So my next series of notes which will be at least seven parts will be entitled “Is the Python squeezing you?”

Tell me if it helps you or not and pass it on to others. Oh yeah these are not short notes, so get over it….it is only for those who are mature and those who want to CHANGE!)

Thanks in advance…Here we go

Is the Python squeezing you? (Part I)
Acts 16:16Are you fighting internal battles that seem to be getting the best of you?

Your prayer life is not what it used to be?
Can’t seem to find God anymore?

You feel like something has crept in and slowly but surely stole your zeal for praising and worshipping God, something is smothering you and you don’t even want to live this “saved” life any longer? You have said in your mind “I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS ANYMORE!” (you got to say it in your mind because people don’t give you the opportunity to say it out loud….)I need for you to know that the war you are fighting in is taking place in the unseen world. Where even your close family and friends don’t understand what is happening to you.

– Desires that were once there seem out of reach
– Dreams have dried up
– Something has choked out everything you were once excited about

This war in the unseen world is about to be revealed to you & GOD’S WORD will help you WIN your war ONLY if you want to win!

In the book of Acts 16:16 there is a mention of a spirit of divination which in the Greek means Appollo Pythius where we get PYTHON!

It was amazing to me that out of all the other references of demon possession and deliverance in the Book of Acts, this is the only place where a spirit is named! – PYTHON!

Now in verse 16 we see this women, who brought her masters much money by fortunetelling, started to follow the man of God (Paul). And the Bible records that Paul got greatly annoyed (fed up) and commanded the spirit to come out of the women. (Are you fed up with making the enemy wealthy? Are you annoyed by what you see going on around you?)

In verses 19 – 24 Paul and Silas get beat and imprisoned for giving this woman her life back and messing with the wealth of the enemy!! (Now Silas didn’t say a word, he was just with Paul…just because he was with him, he got it too!…..Take a moment and think about that.)

Then in verse 25 it says that at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.

Midnight is always a sign of a prophetic message to the church. Midnight represents the coming of the Lord!

The kind of spirit that will come against the people of God in these last days will be a spirit of divination “Python”

Many scriptures tell us the serpent (snake) represents demons. (just like there are different kinds of snakes, there are different kinds of demons with many methods of destruction)

Deadly serpents have the capacity to kill & they do it in various ways:

1) Water moccasin/cottonmouth – quietly approach its victim in the water without warning (Have you ever found yourself in the Spirit of God (water) only to be tried by the attack of the enemy?)

2) Rattlesnakes – really don’t want to hurt you but because you don’t run from the signal it is giving, you get bit. (Have you ever not ran from the enemy only to get bit?)

3) King Cobra – injects enough venom to kill an elephant or 20 people (Have you ever been bit only to watch those around you fall too? Your getting bit will kill other people)

4) Python – the most unique is this serpent. The python goes up to high places and waits for its prey to come, then suddenly drops on its victim (spiritual wickedness in high places).

Most snakes kill by striking and injecting poison but the Python has a subtle way of defeating its enemy:

– It coils itself around the victim and squeezes slowly suffocating the prey

– Very time the victim exhales, the Python tightens its grip, making it difficult for the victim to breath.

Spirit of Python gradually suffocates by slowly choking the breath out of us !

If this is you or someone you know let me know so I can continue to PART II




12 responses

2 01 2008

It seems as though i have been attacked by each ‘snake’. its good to see you back posting the word again. As long as its God, keep it pushin and i’ll keep reading and digesting.

6 02 2008
Tim Mitchell

Please continue with Part II

28 08 2008
clara obunse

i need more information about this python spirit. I have been tormented by this spirit for years.

15 10 2008

Please bring part two. I have really enjoyed this. I believe the python spirit entered my life and I am trying to remove it. I believe it came in by ungodly friends and the indwelling spirits in them began to affect me and slowly take the spiritual life from me. God bless

30 10 2008
donta brooks

yes!!! I am in battle against the python spirit. it is difficult for me to worship

17 01 2009
Selena Deavaureux-Stubbs

As I was worshiping last night in the car before attending ministry this black snake came up in a vision. Needless to say, It was chasing me, and I was pregnant. It camed to me to ask my husband what snakes chase you, and the water moccasin pop into my spirit. Our womens ministry is on a 21-day consecrated fast and we are 10 days in and I started receiving revelation from God in certain areas. However, last night not realizing it I felt the enemy attempting to attack me, to diabolically divert my joy and distract me from where I’m going. I am now convinced that after reading your posting this spirit is real and I did see what I saw. I will continue to lift you all up in prayer, and ask that you do the same for me. Thank you!

Staying on the wall,


8 01 2010

Thanks for your writings I kept on dreaming of snakes and was having shortness of breath then Kim Clement came on tv and was telling the same thing I was going through and he said by nov1 it was going to be broken off my life ,and I know this is all true God has been speaking to me about husband has a controlling spirit and I am dealing with it also God told me this spirit cant operate in my home and I am new at this so if God said that it cant operate in my home does that mean that my husband is going to be delivered or hes out of here do you have any input?

29 01 2011

tell me more…

22 06 2011

iv suddenly started dreaming of snakes and the worst is iv been feeling this big snake around me coiled and its squezing me.Its choking the life out of me.please notify me of part 2 i really want to know more.

30 08 2011
In the midst of worship

Just wanted to let you know, that I found out ( to God be all the Glory) that I was experiencing the squeezing of this spirit. It is a strongman, but you need to know how to bind a strongold hanman. Some of these books on deliverance will keep you bound. You need victory. Go back to the teaching in the gospel accounts and read what Jesus said about binding the strongman in particular what He said in the following statement. That is what real binding the strongmans is, then you can take back what was stolen. I did. Its about repentance. You must be specific with God about when this situation started and forgive who was involved. I found out through the Holy Spirit revealing to me that I had allowed someone to lay hands on me ( transfer of spirit) in this case it was not a pastor! often it is someone you trusted as a friend. But it was a plan of the enemy to destroy me. That is why the bible teaches us the real doctrine to not to lay hands on any man suddeny and lift our hands to pray. (in many churches we all seem to hands) most of the time.e heard Your hands represent your ministry. Who shall see God ? he that hath clean hands and a pure heart.Look that up yourself. Anyway believe the instructions in the word, follow it I did, I had no pastor around bound the strongman through repentance and took away the legal right for this spirit to operate in my life.Then use the authority you have been given as a believer and command that spirit to go In the name of Jesus Christ.It went. I hope that this helps someone today. Dont put up with it anymore this is what Jesus died for to set us free. Go get your victory and stop the enemy from operating in your life.

7 11 2011

last night preaching was all about the spirit of the python, it got me thinking and ive realized that this has taken over my whole life, im fearful, my marriage just does not want to work, every time i want to speak my mind i end up keeping quiet, stuttering cant even make a proper sentence feel like my hubby always wants me to feel guilty all the time, cant remember when last i was happy, that my heart was happy im always tired and depressed feel like taking my own life sometimes, i cannot even sleep i sleep with both bibles open at my bedroom tables on the side God i really need You to Set Me Free

13 07 2012
Regina G Thompson

I am dealing wit this spirit now as a result of rebellion and disobedience. Never knew before there was such a spirit. I am believing God for complete healing and deliverance and by faith I know it’s done. I am under constant attack, but I do not fear it. Please pray for me. Yes, continue exposing this spirit. It is much needed.

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